Per Svensson/Leif Elggren

Side 1:
-Los Angeles/LAX 19990709

Side 2:
Los Angeles/LAX-London/Heathrow
-Stockholm/Arlanda 19990715

A sound art project with Leif Elggren and Per Svensson registrating the sound from a transatlantic journey, both the inner and the outer journey, using two pair of Supraleader devices connected as electrodes to the heads and linked together through a recording equipment. Exchanging ideas and experiences close to non-gravity. Trying to reach a point away from psychic control and physical ego. The Transatlantic Supraleader Soundrecording Devices was specially designed by Per Svensson for this project. Recorded on the aircrafts, at the airports, in the cities and in the air between the continents.