LATRINE by Leif Elggren

(57' 43'')
I = 46.08, II = 5.33, III = 5.58

FER1021 (P)&(C) Leif Elggren, Stockholm 2001 BIEM/NęB
published by touch music (mcps)

Sound clip

This CD relates to the trilogy Flown Over by an Old King (1989), Talkingto a Dead Queen (1996) and Pluralis Majestatis (1999) - in the way themissing leg relates to a three legged dog. The sound material wasentirely recorded on the toilet. Reworked and adapted for the soundinstallation Avträde in conjunction with the group show Transformationat Karlsborg Castle, Sweden, during the summer of 2000. A certain roomwas chosen at the castle for this purpose and was later discovered to bethe toilet for badgers in the area - a confirmation of the choice! Totalrespect was paid to the badgers.

Photo: Torbjörn Josefsson