Leif Elggren


(To leave the periphery and be in the magnificent centre)

Sound clip

This basic sound material was recorded in my biological mother´s uterus with my not yet developed teeth used as a fundamental and simple recording device a few days before my birth. This sound material was kept recorded and hidden until recently inside one of my wisdom teeth, but has now been brought to daylight and exposure. Digitally mastered, reproduced and sent out into the room which we all mutually share and which we usually call reality, the world. Sent out with the main purpose to change that room.

You do not necessarily have to listen to this CD, the sound material should be considered more as a tool, a tool with a special purpose, favourable but dangerous.

For best results: load this CD in your CD player, confirm that sound is coming out through the speakers, and then just leave the room. When you come back everything will be totally changed.