The cobblestone is the weapon of the proletariat
Leif Elggren

Sound clip

No.1: 3´02´´, No.2: 4´04´´, No.3: 3´28´´, No.4: 3´03´´, No.5: 6´11´´No.6: 25´59´´, No.7: 3´59´´, No.8: 2´05´´, No.9: 6´34´´, No.10: 6´00´´No.11: The North Is Protected (11´24´´), No.12: End Song (1´45´´),No.13: ES (0´06´´). Total length: 78´13´´

The basic sound material for the ten cobblestone songs on this CD isfrom one recording made while throwinga cobblestone (once!) on the street outside Firework Edition, StockholmJune 15, 2001.
The title refers to a bronze sculpture by the Russian artist Ivan Shadr(1887-1941)called The Cobblestone Is The Weapon Of The Proletariat (1927).

No.1 was released 2002 as a track on the CD Geologists and ProfessionalTourists, N&B Research Digest, Russia.
No.3 was released 2002 as a track on the CD Friends of the Bumblebee,Håll Tjäften, Sweden (dedicated to Åke Hodell).
No.5 was released 2003 as a track on the CD Das DreidimensionaleMöbiusband, Flying Swimming, Japan.
No.8 was released 2003 as a track on the 7´´ Untitled, Die Stadt,Germany.
No.11. This text was written by LE for and first published in thecatalogue for the Nordic Pavilion, la Biennale di Venezia,June 10 - November 4, 2001. The North Is Protected was the name of thiscollaborative exhibition by CM von Hausswolff,Anders Tomren, Tommi Grönlund, Petteri Nisunen and LE.

In the booklet: a part of a conversation between Jim Haynes and LeifElggren in relation to the Activating the Medium at SFMOMA, SanFrancisco February 2003.