Bo Cavefors

Bo Cavefors:
Barnsliga memoarer: Chapter 1: 5´25´´, 2: 12´44´´, 3: 9´29´´, 4: 12´21´´
Valpen som ung man: Chapter 1: 8´05´´, 2: 5´18´´, 3: 9´23´´, 4: 2´54´´,5: 9´33´´, 6: 4´33´´

Bo Cavefors reading (in Swedish) his two autobiographical books"Barnsliga memoarer" (1995)and "Valpen som ung man" (1996). This recording was meant to be thesoundtrack for Bo Caveforsexhibition in Vita Kuben, NorrlandsOperan, Umeå, Sweden from November9th, 2002,but this exhibition was unfortunately closed down and censored by theauthorities in Umeå.

Recorded by Hans T Sternudd in Malmö, Sweden on the September 16th,2002.
This CD includes a booklet in English with an essay by Leif Erikssonabout Bo Cavefors and his times.
Cover photo by Vanja Widerberg, 1960.
Label image by Carsten Regild.

"Even a black lamp shines brightly! It just takes some time before yousee it!"
(Leif Eriksson)

This CD was released in conjunction with the exhibition of the work byBo Caveforsat Färgfabriken, Stockholm February 22nd - March 9th, 2003.
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