Heldén, Marhaug, Nordwall

When The Ice Is Leaving Scandinavia Is Burning

1. Take Me To Hell, Take Me To Oslo (7´56´´)
2. Winter Fire (7´10´´)
3. Run Naked Through All Burning Forests (10´39´´)
4. The Kings Are Made Of Ice (3´17´´)
5. Grave Northern Lights (1´39´´)
6. Let There be Nothing (5´36´´)
7. When The Ice Is Leaving, Scandinavia Is Burning (2´26´´)
Total time: 38´43´´

Recorded at different locations in Scandinavia in 2002-2005 era maximusby Johannes Heldén, Lasse Marhaug & Joachim Nordwall. Field recordingsas sound source, later computer processed. Shadows were present. Noteswere taken. Save yourselves. Mastered by Andreas Tilliander at Repeatle.