Sub Liminal Transmitter
Lars Åkerlund

CD1 Get In Get Out 7:23 Hermeneutical Circle 14:19 Light Focus 10:35 Dogs 10:12 Gutar 13:06
CD2 Preality 17:06 Aurum Delays 15:18 Labyrinth 15:30 Cone Counterpoint 21:13
CD3 Sub Liminal Oscillators 33:40 Shine 16:20 What's Next 26:46

Music produced in Sweden at EMS (Stockholm), StudioVetteFyra (Stockholm) and PigHouseStudio (Stenkyrka), and in Spain at CDMC (Madrid). Composed and mastered by Lars Åkerlund - using sounds from Buchla 200 series, field recordings, SuperCollider, electric monochord, electric guitar and various digital and analog equipment. Layout: Sten Backman. Cover: Lars Åkerlund.
p & Lars Åkerlund 2018. All rights reserved. FER 1123 Produced with support from Swedish Arts Council.