MonoMono, Två porträtt (Two Portraits)
Sid A: "Stilla vän av allt långt borta", 18, 36 min.
Sid AA: "Vi som brukar våld", 11, 57 min.

Recorded by MonoMono, mixed and mastred by Linus Andersson at elementstudio, Gothenburg 2014.
MonoMono is: Lars Carlsson, elektronics. My Hellgren, cello. Fredrik Nyberg, text/voice.
Realized with support from Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden.

Firework Edition Records (FER1114)

Två porträtt (Two portraits) is a record that includes two long sounding portraits of two, in different ways, significant figures from the 19th century Europe that in a first glance should not have much in common. But both Hanna Arendt and Friedrich Jürgenson chose in their thinking and in their practice a completely own way. Rainer Maria Rilke appears as a shadow in the wings, as a third for the record important character, whose words has given the two compositions their titles. In Martin Tegens Swedish translation Rainer Maria Rilke writes: "Vi som brukar våld, vi lever kvar. Men när, av livets alla varianter ser vi den som öppet emottar?" And at another place in the Sonnets to Orpheus:" "Stilla vän av allt långt borta, märk hur vår rymd blir större där du andas."