Live at Le 64
Jean-Philippe Antoine, Leif Elggren

The Worried Song, The Worried Ones' anthem, is a cover of It takes a worried man, a well-known American country & western song. The North is Protected read by Leif Elggren.

Razor, boats & automobiles begins with Leif Elggren playing processed and amplified haircutters. It segues into a mix of two compositions by Jean-Philippe Antoine: Transports en commun and Squirrel Island Water Music.

These performances were recorded live at Le 64 in Paris on February 16, 2011 by Jean-Jacques Palix and Eric Maurin. They were mixed by Jean-Jacques Palix, with slight additional work by The Worried Ones, and mastered at EMS studios in Stockholm.

Special thanks to Jean-Jacques Palix & Eve Couturier for being such gracious hosts; & to Mats Lindström and Isabel Thomson at EMS Studios.