Andreas Führer and Leif Elggren

Format: 7"
Catalogue number: FER1099

1: Circular Shape (2,38) Text and voice by LE
2: Mureren (2,29) Text by Munk/Dreyer, voice by AF, music by LE
3: Gang i væksten (2,29) Text, voice and music by AF
4: Circular Shape #2 (2,39) Text and voice by LE, music by AF

Jeg er murer Jeg bygger huse Men menneskene vil ikke bo i det De vil bygge selv De vil selv Skønt de det ikke kan. Derfor bor somme i halv færdige hytter Andre i ruin Men de fleste flokker hjemløse om Er du en af dem der trænger til hus?

Gang i væksten
Fuglene de er begyndt at synge De synger om sig selv De synger om de ting som de ku få Hvis de havde nogle flere penge. Fuglene de er begyndt at synge De synger om hvor flot de ku ihjel Hvis de havde nogle flere penge Jeg savner min mor. Jeg savner min mor Jeg savner min mor.

Circular Shape
It is said that God screams alone in space (or whatever we should call the dark celestial emptiness that encloses us all), screams alone at night and creates the vibration which has set everything in motion since the beginning of time, set off the brief pulsations and cycles we know as the sanctity of everyday life and the joy of life on Earth.

Direct suggestion, influence. It is no coincidence that almost all sound-bearing media have a circular shape and a circular progression in their reproductive aspect. And it is no coincidence that an enormous temptation lies in the notion of being a sounding center which temporarily attracts complete attention; this manifest tool of immortality, to be an imitation of the procreator of everything.

At the beginning: a fast alternation (during 2 time units) between the two rooms, with a leftward direction: from the smaller to the larger. Ends up in a state of rest in the larger, for an extended period (16 time units). Then up to the level above, to a very small room (during 7 time units) and then straight down (90°) to the point of departure, the triangle is closed, complete. Then two parallel rooms far apart in the world during 5 time units.

And then one room with several parallel rooms separated during varying time units.