Artist: Lars Åkerlund
Time: 65' 28''
Release: 2011FER1090 (P)&(C) Lars Åkerlund, Stockholm 2011. All rights reserved. BIEM/NęB

Swedish composer Lars Åkerlund releases Xenon, his second album on the Firework Edition Records label.

Xenon is based on recordings of machinery and activities of everyday life. The sound has been analyzed, treated and reconstructed; building a new framework.
Xenon is a chemical element that occurs in the Earth's atmosphere. Some of the properties of xenon are anaesthesia, transposition and levitation. Anesthesia is the condition of having sensation blocked or temporarily taken away. The speed of sound in xenon gas is slower than that in air. Xenon lowers the resonant frequencies of the vocal tract when inhaled. This produces a characteristic lowered voice timbre (an effect opposite to the high-timbred voice caused by inhalation of helium). Xenon gas at high pressure has a density exceeding that of some solids and can be used to levitate objects through buoyancy. These features relate to ideas that were important during the process of making this music.

Curriculum Vitae:
Lars Åkerlund is a composer and performer of electronic and computer music. Starting as a guitarist he increasingly got more and more involved into the contemporary art scene of the 90's and was one the founding members of the Lucky People Center (LPC) and has since then been working in collaborations with other artists, choreographers, and filmmakers as well as a solo artist. Lars Åkerlund's work includes solo electronic music, live-electronics, instrumental music, films, videos and performance.

Some previous releases:
"Ur/Volt", Lars Åkerlund (FYCD 1028) 2008
"Rivers of Mercury/Via Styx", Lars Åkerlund (FER 1025) 2001
"Welcome to Lucky People Center", LPC (MNWCD 234) 1993