Artists: Michael Esposito, CM von Hausswolff
Format: CD
Catalogue number: FER 1080
Time: 37 minutes
P&ę Michael Esposito, CM von Hausswolff, Stockholm 2009. BIEM/ NęB
Firework Edition Records
Sigfridsvägen 6, 126 50 Hägersten, Sweden.

Based on field recording from Gamla Prästgården in Borgvattnet Sweden, The Old Vicarage had an interesting and sorted history from the stand point of the dead who may have not been able to find rest there. From Angles of Mercy hired to kill an unwanted baby sired from one of the inhabiting priests to a room where professional mourners were hired to weep for a loved one when no loved one was available. The Vicarage boasted a myriad of haunting activity from phantom smells of cooking, to a rocking chair that infamously throws people from its seat on to the floor. The investigation proved very fruitful. The investigators were able to capture EVP in both English and Swedish, have many person experiences including phantom smells, being grabbed, touched, uncontrollable sadness and weeping and horrible chills. The group also experienced many problems with their electrical equipment. A year later Ghost Hunters International came to the location to film a television episode for the Sci Fi Channel, the farthest north investigation to date.
The location, recorded in April, 2008 included Field Investigation Team: CM von Hausswolff (Sweden), Michael Esposito (USA), Kris Frick (Canada), Dave Catherall (Canada), was originally for the opening show of the Teleport Fägfabriken Norr, Östersund, Sweden (2008.04.02 to 2008.08.31). Later the Electronic Voices Phenomena captured during that investigation was mixed in Stockholm and produced on this CD.
Recordings mixed in Stockholm October 2008.
Layout by Andres Herrera, ME.
Cover photo and interior photos by CM von Hausswolff.
Photograph of CM von Hausswolff by Sheikh Ahmed, London UK.