1. Entrance. 33´ 24´´
2. Before going to East Berlin. 2´ 14´´
3. The journey to and in the hotel room in East-Berlin; fragments from "Speech to the blind" 8´ 10´´
4. In the hotel room in East-Berlin; fragments from "Speech to the blind" and the journey back home. 11´ 14´´
5. At a friend´s place some hours before performing a performance as an encore at the International Text-Sound Festival at Fylkingen, Stockholm, 15th of April 1984. 7´ 39´´
6. Same as no. 5. 4´ 38´´

Working with music/sounds is for Beth Laurin equivalent to working with and shaping other materials and media such as clay, iron, cloth, objects, photos, drawings, slideshows, installations, performances and other things. She chooses materials that express what she wants to express in the best way.

Beth Laurin has "always" been interested in the art of music and in different kinds of sounds, she grew up in a musical home; her mother was the English pianist Anita Harrison.

In 1984 Beth Laurin was very active recording many tapes indoors, outdoors, on journeys etc. The features from a journey and a hotel room are from when Beth Laurin went to East Berlin in April 1984 to participate in an international conference on pictures for the blind.

This CD, which is the first by Beth Laurin, created in 2008, is a composition of sequences; pieces from different important recordings, for example parts of dialogues, concrete sounds, from a monologue by Beth Laurin, a reading, when she plays the saxophone in a loft in New York City...

Everything was recorded in 1984 except a few additions made in 2007 and 2008.

FER1078 (P)&(C) Beth Laurin, Stockholm 2009. BIEM/NęB

Subsidized by The Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs