During two days in February 1939 Theo I reigned as the Pope of Rome(between Pius XI and Pius XII).He died under mysterious circumstances.And he was never placed on the list of the holy pontiffs.Maybe because, as the rumour tells, that he was a she.And this for the second time in the history of the popes.The first was Pope Joan, a female pope (La Papessa)who supposedly reigned for less than three years in the 850s.In this composition you can hear the voice of Theo I (or Thea I)recorded in relation to his (or her) installation in St. Peter´s Basilica in Rome 1939.

Cover: 13th century woodcut of Pope Joan.
Recorded and mixed at the Church StudioHammenhög, Sweden on the 1st of May 2008.
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies.
FER1072/AMR1001 [p][c] Amit Sen, Kent Tankred, Leif ElggrenHammenhög 2008.