Leif Elggren & Claude Mellan

The basic sound source for this CD is the copper engraving ''The Sudarium of St Veronica'', cut by the French artist Claude Mellan (1598-1688) in Paris 1649. A portrait of Christ engraved through a continuous spiral line that starts at the tip of his nose. An old heliogravure (a 19th Century reproduction of one of the original prints) was used to make a photo etching in copper to get a replica as close as possible to the original plate.
This plate was played back with a specially constructed record player and recorded at Firework Edition, Stockholm, July 17, 2007.

Three different recordings were made:
1: 21'34'' (Turntable. By hand. CCW. Drypoint needle.)
2: 16'01'' (Turntable. 33 rpm. CW. Drypoint needle.)
3: 14'48'' (The plate on a table and the needle moving CW. Drypoint needle.)
Total time: 52'23''

These recordings are totally fresh and not manipulated in any way. See this CD as a presentation and a report of the first three recordings ever done of this 358 year old engraving.